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rocks cry out glory Jesus Lord Savior

Rocks will cry out in glory for our amazing God


I don’t care what I’m going through or how rough my day is going, when I listen to “So Will I” I am quickly reminded of the goodness of God.

Our Savior has come

In Luke 19:28-40 we see Jesus making His way towards Jerusalem, the Messiah that was foretold would come, and the crowds that have seen His amazing works began to praise God for the miracles  they have seen Him perform. They elevated Jesus Christ to His rightful place yet the Pharisees were offended. Jesus told them “If they kept quiet, the stones along the road would burst into cheers!”

conviction judgment guilty

The shame, guilt and fear that we run from meets us face-to-face and we see that we are guilty and worthy of death

Now think about your life. You may say that God has done wondrous works in your life in changing you from the inside out but does your praise reflect His goodness? Jesus said even if they are silent the rocks would cry out. A soulless, inanimate object understands the reverence and thankfulness of it’s creator. We are made in the image of God, love directly poured into us unlike any other of God’s creation yet we won’t lift up His name in complete reverence? Maybe it takes a moment being completely alone with no internet, television or devices so you can truly look back over your life. Look at all the hurt we gave and hurt we received. All the evil we have done for personal gain. With your life in front of you, you finally see the evidence in the court case of your fair judgment….death.

A debt too large to repay

But Jesus came, lived, died and rose with full purpose…..and that purpose was to step into that courtroom to show you how much He loved you. We stand guilty of the crimes we committed but He loved us enough to step in and pay the price we could never pay. His blood will be one that will cleanse the wickedness and in Him we will be given new life. Now follow Him in submission out of this courtoom and on to everlasting life.

repentance surrender submission born again

I surrender my heart to you Jesus and ask that you come in and cleanse me from the inside out

We see his mercy to remove the judgment that we deserve and His full grace to love us when we didn’t deserve it. Praise is not an action that we do with our hands and mouths….it is the heart crying out in joy for His love, mercy and grace. So overall I am made in His image and I fully see his mercy and grace now so if a rock will cry out in appreciate….SO. WILL. I.