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Welcome! This is the relaunch of my personal blog and I am extremely excited for this new chapter in my journey. My original blog was called “Journey to Destiny” and the focus of that blog was to detail my process and journey in the world of entrepreneurship and leading up to a career as a coach and public speaker. I was able to get connected with various speaking coaches and was able to even join their networks and I was well on my way to the goals that I put in place but God had other plans for me in changing my heart to desire Him more and more and my sin less and less. That path for me was full of vanity and pride and I dedicated so much time, attention and energy to what I justified as “working to make a better life for my family” that I neglected time for what matters most- my family. With that, I am now compelled in love to stand for and share the Gospel and Good News that is Christ Jesus and defend the sufficiency and inerrancy of Scripture (God’s word – 2 Tim 3:16-17).

While many were upset with being quarantined and working from home for most of 2020, this was actually a blessing for my family and I as we were able to bond and spend more time since we could no longer use “busyness” as an excuse and during that time I was able to get refocused on the true journey at hand…focusing more on reading, writing and speaking to the biblical worldview.

More reading

I make it a daily goal to study God’s word first thing in the morning to get my day started. While my efforts are not perfect, consistency has been steadier than not, and it is by far the best habit that we could have as believers. In addition to studying God’s word, my goal has been to read more in general. Frederick Douglass once stated that “once you learn to read, you will forever be free”. On the surface you may be thinking – “well I already know how to read” – and yes you are correct but do you have a desire to go deeper in your reading to understand deeper concepts and theories from the viewpoint of those that have studied these matters in detail? That is where freedom comes. Those within the world have their own narrative (story) to write yet are we yearning to become more knowledgeable to stand for and defend truth? While there are many secular topics that I find interesting, my focus not really on leisure reading but purely for studying and educating myself on various topics that support the biblical worldview. I have an extremely long book list (your help is greatly appreciated 😀 ) and there is no time like the present to get started. With an increase of reading comes an increased desire to formulate my ideas to correct and encourage others based on the studied research of others outside of my own opinion.

More writing

In taking a more intentional approach towards reading and studying, this has only refueled my desire to write. I began blogging regarding the biblical worldview late in 2018 but lost focus by jumping into podcasting and video creation a bit too early. Blogging allows me to truly structure and organize my ideas more effectively plus allow for more credible citation that gives the reader more understanding why I believe what I believe. I love both podcasting and video creation, but writing is a special form a content delivery that I plan to utilize more often as the former two content creation platforms have really become noisy with many “influencers” simply regurgitating what the next is saying. Writing can also be done over time and done anywhere and that is very important for me at this phase in life with having multiple children under five years of age. I will add podcasting and video creation to the content delivery rotation down the road but for now, writing will be the sword that I wield and speaking to the biblical worldview will be my focus.

Biblical worldview

This brings me to the most important part; my focus…or to be exact, speaking on how sin has darkened man in his understanding of the world (Eph 4:18) i.e. blurry vision. It is through the inerrancy of Scripture that God draws His lost sheep into freedom from the bondage of sin (John 8:36) and allows man to view the world clearly through a lens of righteousness. It is through God’s infallible Word that we have the answers to all our societal issues and concerns.

Scripture is inerrant and true.

Sin is bondage and death.

The Gospel is enough.

It is time to get…

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