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On Monday, July 15th, during his Jacksonville, FL tour stop, Kirk Franklin was publicly rebuked by Ty with Untamed Truth. The video that Kirk would proceed to upload went viral…


A rebuke directly for me

This rebuke was extra special for me since I attended Kirk Franklin’s opening tour date (Thursday July 15th) here in Austin, TX and during the concert I felt so convicted yet I moved on with life and didn’t even pray for more understanding about the situation. Even though there are moments where felt we missed the mark, God can use that for our good and always for His glory alone. Check out my response and the Biblical study that I wanted to dive deeper into regarding the street preacher’s rebuke as well as how it applies to all professing Christians.

Kirk Franklin’s dancing is where my conviction began. Other than the lyrics, I felt like I was in an R&B concert. Where is the gospel in this?


Untamed Truth’s Videos

Part 1 of 2 –

Part 2 of 2 –

Meeting w/ Kirk –

I am happy that Kirk actually followed through with the one-on-one meeting but I am not happy that he would butcher God’s word in attempt to explain why his (Kirk’s) position on the world stage is meant to make God’s word more relevant. God does not need our help to make His Word more relevant; we need to be obedient to His will and not our own understanding. I am also upset with Tony Evans, who is supposed to be a teacher of God’s word, tell the street preacher that he is wrong and validated Kirk’s “fame” as being important. This further shows the level of deception and lack of true roots being placed in God’s Word. God bless those that truly bring God’s word in Spirit and in Truth.

We do not know God apart from His infallible word (Holy Bible). As Ty mentioned “either the Bible is true or it’s not”. Hopefully this entire message spoke to you in some way and please put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.